Rogers Enterprises International

Rogers Enterprises International (REI) provides consulting and corporate representation for companies wanting to increase their market share, client base, and client relations within The Greater Asian Region. Our primary marketing focus targets three specific industries: 1) Agricultural Storage, Grain & Feed Supply, and Seed Traits 2) Design Engineering, Construction, and Fabrication 3) Power/Energy, Oil & Gas, and Mining. With a steadfast work ethic supported by a legacy spanning over 45 years of business development and strong partnership building in Asia, we bring our partners measurable marketing results. Tap into our vast network of Asian business contacts today.

Design Engineering, Construction, and Fabrication

Your idea for a successful project in Asia starts and ends with the team at Rogers International. Come to us with your vision, and our expert team gets to work. Consider REI to be an extension of your US operations, without the huge expense and risk of setting up an office in Asia. With the demand for protein and food in general exploding in Asia, there is going to continue to be a flood of viable projects to work on. Over the past 40+ years, our

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Agricultural Storage, Grain Terminals, & Feed Supply

Food Security. Attaining this is essential for the countries of Southeast Asia as their populations grow and demand more food. The increase in protein consumption as Asian economies grow is a known fact, and REI is positioned to benefit from this increase. Currently, many nations of Asia are having trouble properly storing their grain and preparing for natural disasters. REI focuses its efforts on projects that help local populations and also bring profitable returns for our partner companies in the US. This is…

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What We Do:
REI’s Projects in Asia

REI has been a part of numerous projects since its founder John Rogers started working with the Rockefeller Group in the 1960’s throughout Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. Much of the work done from the 1960’s – 2000’s appeared under the name of the company that the Rogers’ were working for at the time. These companies included the Rockefeller Group, International Basic Economy Corporation, CP Foods,

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Rogers Enterprises International Projects



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